Stoopid’s Rube Goldberg Machine

That’s right. Stoopid Monkey is BACK in a spot I directed for the good folks at Wonka. In this episode, Stoopid and Biggie make a Rube Goldberg machine and instead of the machine culminating in something simple (in true Rube fashion), our finale is quite elaborate. This machine took weeks to set up and dozens of runs to get right, but we prevailed and the final product is pretty damn cool. Very fun integrating the stop motion characters with the practical effects. We were obviously inspired by the great Rube Goldberg machines of the past, specifically the OK Go video for This Too Shall Pass. Hope you like it.


Kids can be such a mouthful.

Dinosaur office, season 2, episode 4. Have they run out of great ideas yet? I don’t think so. See for yourself in the latest episode that I directed for my buddies at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. This one is titled “Bring Your Child to Work Day” and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well for one very unruly whippersnapper.

I’m going to keep watching (and hopefully directing) these until they decide to jump the T-Rex.

“The Last Drop”… but not least.

The third installment in the OH BABY trilogy is finally up. Check it out when you have a moment. This brings the little series to an end, for now. I’m hopeful we’ll have an opportunity to shoot more episodes. We had such a wonderfully talented cast and crew and made something out of nothing with very little resources. My favorite kind of filmmaking. I hope you enjoy.

Dino Love Lessons

When asked to direct an episode of Dinosaur Office for my buddies over at Buddy System Studios (or is it Stoopid Buddy Stoodios?) I was initially excited at the prospect of working with a virtually unlimited budget and a vast crew. After careful consideration, we decided on a simpler route. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. Animated by the talented Melissa Goodwin Shepherd. Lensed by Helder K. Sun. Puppets and sets by John Sumner. Thanks College Humor. Oh and if you happen to have a Nintendo 3DS, you can watch it in 3D.

“Nipple Envy” – Oh Baby Episode 2

Have you even woken up in the middle of the night and wondered how much your friend’s nipples have grown after they gave birth? Well, neither did I. The second of 3 episodes of the short series I directed. Love the acting in this one. Written by Rayya Deeb. Shot by Matt Johnson. Skillfully acted by Kimmy Gatewood and Chris Smith.

Oh Baby – Episode 1 is finally here,

Check out episode 1 of OH BABY – THE SERIES, finally here for your viewing pleasure. This project is a labor (pun intended) of love, created by the very talented Rayya Deeb, directed by yours truly. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the crazy. Here’s the first of three (and hopefully more), DOG BREATH DONNA. Enjoy!

A little Christmas Stop Motion time-lapse

Just in time for Christmas, I wanted to share this time-lapse video from the behind the scenes of HOLIDAZE, the stop mo special I directed a few years back. Animators are Emmy winning Drew Hodges and ParaNorman and Coraline animator Sue Twining. There’s a couple of fun moments in here if you look closely (Maker’s Mark and Pigtails). Have a great Christmas everyone!