SNL’s Christmastime for the Jews – Production Stills!!!

It’s that time of year again and one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing CHRISTMASTIME FOR THE JEWS airing on NBC. I love getting messages from my friends on the East coast and midwest hours in advance of the airing in Los Angeles. As this is such a holiday favorite for Jews and goyim alike, I thought I’d share some production stills. I have this strange feeling that all of these photos were taken in the middle of the night; we worked for weeks around the clock to finish in time to air. Totally worth it. Featured in the photos are animators Drew Hodges and Jerold Howard and DP Justin Hayward. Oh, and Johnny Knoxville is in there somewhere. Happy Holidays everyone!!!




If you happen to miss the short on the air this year, the best place to watch it over and over is on my website. Enjoy!


Oh Baby, baby! New short series on the way…

Just wrapping up post on a new series of shorts I’m directing, written by the amazingly talented (and good friend) Rayya Deeb. Rayya just had her first baby and she had some funny stories to tell. I told her to put them down on paper and BAM, we were in production. We were lucky enough to have Kimmy Gatewood (Apple Sisters) and Chris Smith (Paranormal 3) as our quirky lead couple, along with some support from Janie Haddad Tompkins and Alissa Ford. Lotta funny ladies involved. DP was Matt Johnson (not a funny lady at all). I’ll post the videos when we’re all done.


Sex, marriage, and webisodes.

What’s next? How about some stills from the first episode of an upcoming serires I’m directing, created and written by the brilliant Chris Caniglia. We’re shooting this summer and I’ll have links up by September. Maybe a sneak peek before then. Really looking forward to shooting the next couple of episodes and working with crack editor/college budy, Jason Richter as an exec producer on the project. Just secured some great music from uber talented musician Ferraby Lionheart for the project. This one’s gonna be great.