Mofest 7 and Me.

Well, everything BUT me, to be exact. That’s right, our lubricious little short film, EVERYTHING BUT ME, will be screening at the 7th annual Mofest this SUNDAY, APRIL 22nd at 7pm at the historic Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave. in sunny Chicago, IL. We’re super excited to be a part of this fantastic festival for the second year in a row. Tickets are $7. I’ll be there. If you’re free, come check it out. Hope to see you on Sunday.

Get your tickets here:



Oh Baby, baby! New short series on the way…

Just wrapping up post on a new series of shorts I’m directing, written by the amazingly talented (and good friend) Rayya Deeb. Rayya just had her first baby and she had some funny stories to tell. I told her to put them down on paper and BAM, we were in production. We were lucky enough to have Kimmy Gatewood (Apple Sisters) and Chris Smith (Paranormal 3) as our quirky lead couple, along with some support from Janie Haddad Tompkins and Alissa Ford. Lotta funny ladies involved. DP was Matt Johnson (not a funny lady at all). I’ll post the videos when we’re all done.


A little Christmas Stop Motion time-lapse

Just in time for Christmas, I wanted to share this time-lapse video from the behind the scenes of HOLIDAZE, the stop mo special I directed a few years back. Animators are Emmy winning Drew Hodges and ParaNorman and Coraline animator Sue Twining. There’s a couple of fun moments in here if you look closely (Maker’s Mark and Pigtails). Have a great Christmas everyone!


Everything But Me – Chicago Screening

My new short film EVERYTHING BUT ME will be screening at the Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Fest this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th at 8PM. Check it out if you’re in town. The story revolves around Jack and his relentless quest to please his wife who wants nothing more than to appease her prurient husband. Written by the indomitable Chris “the fist” Caniglia and produced by the scintillating Bucks Boys Productions.

The screening will take place at Columbla College’s Film Row Cinema at 1104 S. Wabash Avenue.

You can also find them on facebook here: 

Hope you can make it.


Never bring a gun to a banana fight!

Another one of the Stoopid Monkey spots I directed just went up on YouTube. This one was born from some boredom in front of Final Cut sifting through hours of footage. We shot a half day at Knottsberry Farm, lots of b-roll, and we had an hour with the guys who perform the wild west show. They were game so we staged a little scene where the camera in first person would come out through the doors and have a showdown with the guys in costume. Thanks to those guys for their performances and for everyone at Knotts for all of the help. Animation and post by the talented Buddy System Studios.